Truly the highest form of comedy. Is there anything that extracts chuckles more than impossible situations, wacky next door neighbors, and lessons learned? I say absolutely not. I’ve been trying to add more TV into my life lately and have been quite saddened by the current state of situational comedies. I was watching this show called “The Office” the other night. At first this program showed some promise. Featuring a cast of cartoon-like characters and one very memorable punchline: “that’s what she said,” I thought I would easily enjoy this show. I was wrong. Dead wrong. For starters, this show is filmed with only one camera. That’s right, one camera! I swear I thought I was watching a documentary for the first 10 minutes. Also, and maybe there was just a problem with the studio’s microphones, but I was totally unable to hear any of the laughter coming from the live audience. Every punchline was delivered with complete silence. It was very awkward. How am I even supposed to know when to laugh if I don’t have a studio audience guiding me?

Anyways, it got me thinking. About myself. About the important things in life. And I put together a list of the most influential things in my upbringing:

1. Who’s the Boss?

Now this is “The Godfather” of situational comedy. The premise: An over the top Brooklyn-Italian stereotype(Tony) moves to the suburbs to be a maid for a businesswoman(Angela) with huge hair. Over the course of the series, a love blooms between them, and they are forced to cope with who, actually, is the boss. A great commentary on gender roles in 1980’s America.

2. Full House/Family Matters

Let’s face it, these are essentially the same shows. While Full House catered to a primarily white upper class demographic, Family Matters tackled the tougher issues that faced working class African American families: poverty, racial inequality, and Steve Urkel’s havoc-wreaking inventions.

3. Alf

Wow. What a premise. A wise-cracking puppet alien from the planet Melmac who eats cats and may or may not be able to play the saxophone. In the late 80’s Alf landed on planet Earth and invaded America’s hearts.

4. The Wire

I stumbled across this show while looking for “According to Jim,” and let me tell you, this one has classic sitcom written all over it. This show follows the zany antics of the Baltimore Police Department, and is guaranteed to have the viewers in stitches with it’s surplus of punchlines, fast motion, and it’s “uh oh-spaghettios” style of humor.


I’m a little late posting this one, but it’s okay to get in the Christmas spirit any time of year.


Tour de Taquito

Went to Safeway yesterday to pick up some taquitos and thought I’d try out the GPS on my iphone. Couldn’t possibly have taken a more roundabout route to get to Safeway, but the two hours of pedaling provided a nice workout, which was quickly nulled by eating said taquitos. I started in the Mission, but didn’t turn on the GPS until I was on Market.